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Raza Island

Explored February 6, 2022
Location: 50°18.534' N 124°57.995' W
Previously explored by EDSBC members
Freediver Rating: ★★★

Skill Level: Novice

Non-Technical Diver Rating: ★★

Skill Level: Intermediate

Technical Diver Rating: ★★

Skill Level: Intermediate

Raza Island was an exploratory dive that did not make the recommended list.

The wall near the eastern most point of Raza Island drops steeply down well past fifty meters in large undulating and broken granite slabs. The topography was the most interesting part of the dive - rubble piles, sheer walls, overhangs, and balancing boulders kept your attention as you swam along the wall. 

Covering an area about four hundred meters south of the drop in point, we did not find a lot of life growing on these walls. There were a number of small cloud sponges at depth, and many crimson anemones. A lone octopus under a boulder entertained one EDSBC buddy team.

Overall, it was an interesting dive, but not considered a site that we would target in the future for more dives. 

Current was negligible two hours into the flood.

Photos: Eiko Jones, Maxwel Hohn, Chris Adair

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