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Ramsay Arm

Explored November 29, 2021
Location: 50°24.417' N 124°58.867' W
Previously explored by EDSBC members
Freediver Rating: ★★

Skill Level: Intermediate

Non-Technical Diver Rating: ★★

Skill Level: Intermediate

Technical Diver Rating: Not Rated

Skill Level: Not Rated

Ramsay Arm was an exploratory dive that did not make the recommended list.

The wall on the west side of Ramsay Arm drops steeply down, well past 50m/165ft. The wall offered some shelves, rubble piles, and large crevices, but was otherwise smooth and barren. Because of the large influx of fresh water in Ramsay Arm, the brackish water had a hue similar to black tea. The visibility was well over 30m/100ft. 


Some small cloud sponges could be seen from 30m/100ft and deeper. Crimson anemones, plumose anemones, and orange finger sponges were sparsely scattered amongst the wall. 


Some kelp greenling and rockfish could be found amongst the small sponges, around rubble piles, and in crevices. A decorated warbonnet was found in a cloud sponge, and a large stubby squid was found in the shallows. 

The most interesting part of the dive was a tree that had fallen into the water. Every inch of the submerged tree was completely covered in mussels, yet we didn't see any other mussels on the rest of the dive. 

For freedivers and non-technical divers, this was mostly just a barren wall. We did not have technical divers on this exploratory dive, but with the incredible visibility, we could easily see deeper than 40m/130ft where we didn't spot any other life. 

Current was negligible. 

Photos: Eiko Jones, Maxwel Hohn, Chris Adair

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