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A Letter From The President

Like most great ideas, this one started at a coffee shop with a group of people discussing how tired they were of diving the same dive sites and the lack of exploration for new sites. This was Nov 16th, 2021. Five days later, a dozen divers of various abilities and diving disciplines had come together to explore areas previously unexplored. By the end of the year, a full video survey had begun at a discovered site, committees had been formed, organizational objectives were in full swing. What would become the Exploration Diving Society of British Columbia had formed to explore, discover, and survey new diving sites within Canada.

The Exploration Diving Society of British Columbia (EDSBC) was formed by a group Founding Members who were passionate divers in three main diving disciplines: freediving, non-technical diving, and technical diving. This incredibly talented and motivated pool of individuals is the heart and soul of this diverse and dedicated society, and each member brings their special skills and flair that make up this wonderful society.

The vision and mission of the EDSBC is to explore, discover and survey new diving sites within Canada while creating new diving opportunities for freedivers, non-technical scuba divers, and technical scuba divers by exploring and cataloguing new diving sites. Our values and principles are fed from a common desire to explore Canada's waters while utilizing safe diving practices, ethical teamwork, and evolving methods, that will inspire an interest in exploration through public outreach.

Our public outreach objectives are to distribute the location, topography, marine life, hazards, suitable skill levels, and environmental impacts of newly discovered dive sites to the general diving public through a website, social media, word of mouth, and possible events with local divers and / or dive operators. We acknowledge that this endeavour will take us into the traditional territories of many Indigenous Peoples and that the value of their knowledge is essential to tell a full and complete story of exploration.

- Kirk Krack, President


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