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Penn Islands

Explored February 6, 2022
Location: 50°11.841' N 125°1.840' W
Previously explored by EDSBC members
Freediver Rating: ★★

Skill Level: Novice

Non-Technical Diver Rating: ★★

Skill Level: Intermediate

Technical Diver Rating: ★★

Skill Level: Intermediate

Penn Islands was an exploratory dive that did not make the recommended list.

Starting at the most western point of the furthest north island in the Penn Island group, we found steep walls of basalt descending down past 50m/164ft. The topography was interesting; steep walls with cracks and crevices, separated by rubble piles and ledges. 

Beginning at 18m/60ft, we noticed a number of abandoned nets and fishing gear on the wall. This continued down to 50m/164ft. In some areas, large piles of ghost gear sat on ledges and trailed up the walls.

We documented thirteen fish species, as well as many nudibranch and seastar species. Puget Sound king crabs, juveniles and adults, were spotted in multiple areas on the site.


There were many large cloud sponges noticed down in the depths below us.


Overall it was an 'average' site, with potential in the technical diving regions beyond 40m/130ft, where the large cloud sponges were spotted. 

Current was negligible four hours into the flood.

Photos: Eiko Jones, Maxwel Hohn, Chris Adair

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