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Hole in the Wall

Explored November 21, 2021
Location: 50°18'40.2"N 125°11'17.5"W
Previously explored by EDSBC members
Freediver Rating: 

Skill Level: Intermediate

Non-Technical Diver Rating: 

Skill Level: Intermediate

Technical Diver Rating: 

Skill Level: Intermediate

Hole in the Wall was an exploratory dive that did not make the recommended list.

Hole in the Wall is a narrow channel with steep walls that drop past the recreational zone of diving. This dive is extremely current dependent, and can have high amounts of boat traffic in the summer months. 

There was nothing noteworthy about the topography. The steep, barren walls had few crevices, ledges, and overhangs. There were a small amount of barnacles, sponges, anemones, a few rockfish and kelp greenling, and a few common nudibranchs. 

The only interesting features were a pair of basket stars found around 30m/100ft, and red dendronotid nudibranchs. 

There was a strange current pushing in different directions depending on depth.  

Photos: Eiko Jones, Maxwel Hohn, Chris Adair

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