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EDSBC Hyperbaric Chamber Weekend

Date: June 11 & 12, 2022
Location: Vancouver, BC

Join us on a non-diving exploration weekend in Vancouver, BC! This will involve a safety orientation component and a marine identification/local ecology experience.


The hyperbaric chamber experience will involve an orientation and chamber dive at the Simon Fraser University Hyperbaric Unit. The dry-dive will be to 50m/160ft, where participants experience the effects of nitrogen narcosis with some fun tests, while also dispelling the myths of apprehension of chamber treatments. The dry-dive will be followed by a safety presentation on Decompression Illness Precautions by our attending diving physician.


After the chamber experience, Sherri Ferguson, the host and director of the SFU Environmental Unit, has offered to host a BBQ at her house in Deep Cove. She has a beautiful house with a big backyard, fire pits, and lawn games. 


The following morning we're planning to arrange a 'behind-the-scenes' tour of the Vancouver Aquarium focused on marine identification and ecology orientations to help with our exploration and survey activities.


We're going to rent a 12-passenger van and drive from Campbell River to Vancouver, and anyone is more than welcome to ride with us over.


Rough cost for those coming from Vancouver Island in the shared van is approximately $300 (not including accommodations).


Saturday, June 11th

  • Morning drive from Vancouver Island to Vancouver in the 12 passenger van

  • Arrive to Simon Fraser University in the afternoon

  • Chamber dive and presentation

  • Evening BBQ at Sherri Ferguson's in Deep Cove

Sunday, June 12th

  • Behind-the-scenes aquarium tour

  • Drive back to Vancouver Island 

Interested in joining? Click the button below to send us an email.
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