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Bill Nadeau | Founding Member | Exploration Diving Society of British Columbia

Bill Nadeau

Founding Member
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Bill has been involved in subsea exploration and diver training for over 35 years working across Canada and around the world creating unique ocean science programs for private and public commercial operations and schools. In 1986 he started a dive business running boat charters out of Bala, Ontario, from a small dive shop where he also offered commercial diving services. He continued to run this operation while attending the University of Guelph studying coastal geomorphology. With an avid interest in deep shipwrecks, mixed gas and cave diving he found a way to combine the unique approaches to extended range diving with exploratory sciences.

His company quickly expanded taking Bill across Canada and around the world teaching all levels of diving, operating charter vessels and engaging in a variety of underwater research projects. Eventually landing on the west coast of Canada Bill's business expanded further as Technical Diving became a mainstream endeavour. As a member of various record breaking expeditions, which included the first mixed gas cave dive in Canada, he found himself part of the pioneering efforts to introduce that realm of diving by franchising IANTD (International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers), the first technical dive training program in Canada.


Since 1990 Bill has been a dedicated member of the industry and an enthusiastic contributor to the development of superior diver training. In addition to developing many of the training standards and manuals for IANTD, he was also a member of the SSI XTR Development Team. Bill’s industry experience includes tenures as an Instructor Trainer Trainer and National Director for IANTD, a PADI IDC Staff Instructor, a Dive Rescue Specialist with the Canadian Coast Guard and an underwater recovery diver and marine investigator with the RCMP.


His passion for integrating pioneering philosophies led him to completing a masters degree in Leadership Studies. He has published a number of books, manuals and articles on diving and ocean exploration and is a member of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society College of Fellows.

Bill Nadeau | Founding Member | Exploration Diving Society of British Columbia
Bill Nadeau | Founding Member | Exploration Diving Society of British Columbia
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